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EZ Run: 4mi @ 8:41 (4mi @ 8:44)
Published on February 20, 2007 By mormegil In Sports & Leisure
LA Marathon training program: Week 14

Tuesday February 20th, 2007

EZ Run: 4mi @ 8:41  (4mi @ 8:44)
Weight: 190 Time: 5:10am Temp: 32 Weather: Cloudy Route:  Treadmill

Simple short taper run, no big news. I wanted to keep pretty much on program. My treadmill wont do 8:44 so I did run a bit faster then planed. But not enough to make me concerned.

  We have finally had a spell of decent weather, and today when I got home it was 38 degrees out, So I could not resist going for a short run when I came back. I used the opportunity to finally calibrate my new Nike+ Sensor. I did the walk calibrate for 400m. And I went ahead and did the Run Calibration for 1mile. I ran a bit faster then I meant to. 7:27. I am bit concerned that the Ipod will expect me to always be running at that pace. Oh well it should be better then the default settings it has been at for the last week.

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