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Tempo Run: 5mi - 3.1mi @ 6.49 (5mi - 3mi @ 7:19)
Published on February 22, 2007 By mormegil In Sports & Leisure
LA Marathon training program: Week 15

Thursday February 22th, 2007

Tempo Run: 5mi - 3.1mi @ 6.49  (5mi - 3mi @ 7:19)
Weight: 190 Time: 7:30pm Temp: 32 Weather: Cloudy Route:  Treadmill

This was the fastest 5k I have ever run. Clocking in at 21:12, a full minute faster then my last 5k race. I probably should not have done this so close to the marathon, but this tempo run was so fast that I could not resist trying to set up a new personal best.

  I am officially going to take it easy for the rest of the taper. No more pushing it. But still I cant help but feel pretty good about today's run. This goes to show that training works.

  After I finished this run I went to the Runners world training calculator, and was quite surprised to find it estimating my marathon time at 2:23:30. I think this is not a realistic time for me, My maxVO might be up to it, but I don't think that I have the Lactic threshold to pull that kind of endurance off. I will still be ecstatic if I can pull of 3:30.

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