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Long Run: 8mi @ 8:41 (8mi @ 8:41)
Published on March 1, 2007 By mormegil In Sports & Leisure
LA Marathon training program: Week 15

Sunday February 25th, 2007

Long Run: 8mi @ 8:41  (8mi @ 8:41)
Weight: 192 Time: 7:30pm Temp: 27 Weather: Cloudy Route:  Treadmill

I am writing this almost a week late, mostly because this last week of taper runs have been blessedly uneventful. But enough of that.

 This run went well, it was a bit hard for me to keep the pace down to 8:41. But I really feel I need to to keep on schedule.  I did miss one run this week. (Friday.) So I am planning on sticking to the numbers for this last week.

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