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Tempo: 5mi - 3mi @ 7:47 (5mi - 3mi @ 7:47)
Published on March 1, 2007 By mormegil In Sports & Leisure
LA Marathon training program: Week 16

Thursday March 1st, 2007

Tempo: 5mi - 3mi @ 7:47  (5mi - 3mi @ 7:47)
Weight: 192 Time: 5:30am Temp: 32 Weather: Snow Route:  Treadmill

This was my last bit of speedwork, though it seamed to hardly count, It really gave me a good feeling to do this, knowing how hard this same run was back in week 1. Now it was only a bit harder then my easy runs.

  This run was particularly nice to do because Wednesday night I was convinced that I was getting a cold, and that my last 16 weeks were all about to be destroyed. However after taking a butt load of "Airborne" (which is more or less vitamin C shots), and a good night sleep. I was able to do this run without any problems. I am however going to keep up the Airborne, and make sure I get plenty of rest.

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