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Race Day Marathon: 4:28:46 (Planned 3:30)
Published on March 4, 2007 By mormegil In Sports & Leisure
LA Marathon training program: Week 16 (The RACE!)

Sunday March 4th, 2007

Race Day Marathon: 4:28:46 (Planned 3:30)
Weight: 190 Time: 8:15am Temp: 72-81 Weather: Sunny Route: LA Marathon Course

Disaster!!!! well kind of, I'm fine, I'm not even in that much pain, I just did allot of stupid things. I finished almost 1 hour over my dream time and about 45 minutes over my "realistic" goal time. I am going to write a blog about it, but I need to hit the showers.

Here are the official results.

Check back in for the long and tragic story that was my the "Learning experience" of my first marathon.

View my full 16 Week training program.

on Mar 04, 2007
I'm sorry you didn't do as well as you hoped but even 4.5 hours is pretty impressive. That's a solid run for 26 straight miles.
on Mar 04, 2007
Ya, it makes it hard to complain. It seams I came in #3561 of some 25000 or 30000 runners. But still I have learned alot. Next time I will know alot more.