Musings on, Art, Skinning, Computers, and the True meaning of Life. (AKA The Lego Theory)

IMG_0136It was 28 long years ago when last I was on a train. Back then my main concern was not getting in trouble for running off. My Grandma Ruth was taking me to see my father in the far off north - by which I mean northern California (I was ten years old).  I had never even touched a computer, and was more concerned about Legos and crackerjacks than what I would do with my life.

Since then I have been allot of places, mostly in cars and planes, and my life seems to revolve around computers.  Its hard to model a starship, do concept drawings, or even write a blog while on a plane, much less while driving. As a hard-core workaholic this can be problematic, though it seems I may have found a solution to my traveling and working dilemma. Low and behold, AMTRAK coach seats have plugs. 

The problem with train travel is that it takes longer then flying, in most cases. The advantage to train travel is that the entire time you can sit in a relatively comfortable seat with AC power and room to work. I don't mind a trip taking me a day if I get as much work done as I would if I was sitting at my desk. Not to mention not having to go through the nightmare series of security checks that the modern airport provides. Getting on the train seems to boil down to handing the porter your ticket, showing him/her you ID, and sitting your ass down.

I am only about a hour into my first train ride in 28 years; we shall see if my glowing endorsement survives the weekend, but so far so good. Now if they only provided Wi-Fi.

on Apr 20, 2008

I have never been on a "real" train, just amusement park trains.  I always thought it would be fun to go on a train ride.