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Published on July 15, 2003 By mormegil In WinCustomize News
If you are a skinner, or a desktop customize, you have most likely used, made, or admired, The legacy of the NeXTstep GUI. NeXT was (Debatably) the e first Beautiful GUI. Steve Jobs and his crew at next were artist to say the least. And on top of that They made a dam stable and powerful OS, that was well before its time.
NeXT Never caught on do to the same tragic flaw that has kept Apple in the 1 digit percentage for years. Over specialization, and a closed architecture, though they changed that after the first few years, it was to late and Windows owned the world. But we all should at the least respect the NeXT OS, and skinners should say an real thank you to Steve Jobs and his crew.

This is a Great article, about the History of Next. I highly recommend it.
on Jul 16, 2003
So that's what all those unused black PCs were in the computer lab back in college.

Actually, I knew they were NeXT machines at the time. And I also knew that they were almost always available, whereas the dummy terminals for the campus mainframe had a line of people waiting to use them.
on Jul 16, 2003
Nice. I have a NeXTStation turbo color w/21" color display gathering dust, need to hook it up and play with it again.
on Jul 18, 2003
I had a chance to use some of these machines back in 1991-92 (I was oh, 14yrs old at the time), and I must say I still long for a file manager as powerful and as easy to use as the Workspace Manager in the NextStep. If you had a NeXTCube, with oh, 16Mb of RAM and 256megs of hard drive you had a friggin kick-ass *NIX box

They were sooooo ahead of their time... complete multimedia (back then people went "multiwhat?"), video capture, graphical e-mail client (the web wasn't fully born yet), true multitasking and stability beyond compare... Windows was still in it's lousy 3.1 incarnation, remember that?

Much respect to them, I still remember fondly