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Published on February 8, 2005 By mormegil In Tutorials
 CorelDRAW for Skinners (Index)
The CorelDRAW for Skinners Video Tutorial series of articles is an ongoing project that I am working on, and I am trying to update it weekly. In order to keep things in order and easy to use, I have decided to make an index of all the Tutorials and Videos.

Click on the CorelDRAW for Skinners Tutorial title to view the associated episode. Or click on the Video Thumbnail to view the videos.

Part 1: Mesh Tool 101 & Gloss 101

Mesh Fill Tool 101:

Gloss 101:

Part 2: Drop Shadows 101 & Reflections 101

Drop Shadows 101:

Reflections 101:

Part 3: Exporting 101, Contour & Line 101

Exporting 101:

Contour & Line 101, Part 1:

Contour & Line 101, Part 2:

Part 4: Transparency 101 & Transparency 102

Transparency 101:

Transparency 102: (Adding Texture)

Part 5: CorelDRAW Setup & Object Management.

Setting up CorelDRAW 101: (Color & Nudge)

Object Manager 101:

Part 6: Mesh Tool 201

Mesh Tool 201 (Making a Folder from Scratch)

Mesh Tool 201 Sample CorelDRAW file.

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Comments (Page 1)
on Feb 09, 2005
CorelDRAW for skinners sure to be a Box Office hit...
...Just awaiting the Sequel.
Thanks mormegil
on Feb 13, 2005
new project...."video a day" ....
on Feb 13, 2005
Fabulous!! It's going to take me months maybe years to really feel comfortable with all of these tools, but at least these great video's are available as guides.
on Feb 13, 2005
Thank you Paul, The video Object Manager 101 will come in very useful. I'm gonna try that tonight (and try to do that folder you did on it). And thanks for the tip on the color manager, I would have never guessed that one. And thanks also for the tip on saving more than one page not being such a great idea. I have up to five on most of mine cause I didn't know how to save just a folder/globe without it saving whatever was on the page.By accident I copied a folder that was on a page with a globe and made a new page and the folder went to that page where I was able to just save the globe and not delete the (ugly) folder .Plus call it strange if you will, but in another year I wanna be able to look back on all my uglies(eye hurting uglies)and have a good laugh (rotf good laugh)so I can't just delete them. Shoot I go through them now and say gosh did I do that(that thing is ugly) .However, I will start working with one page and not up to five(so I've learned). Anyways, thanks for more great videos and looking forward to your next.

P.S.You are a real jewel for taking the time out to make these tutorials and videos for us.
on Feb 19, 2005
Thanks alot. I went from knowing nothing at all about corel draw and skinning to knowing absolutly loads in a couple of hours.
Please keep the videos coming there helping us alot.
on Feb 21, 2005
Paul, Thank you very much for making these videos and tutorials. They have made me go out and spend the money to buy Corel just to try them in hopes that I can learn to do some of these things. I am going to try my first one tonight as I just got the program yesterday so wish me luick lol, but seriouly wish there were things out there like this for any new program people buy, it sure would make using new programs a lot easier. Oh and one question, any plans or any chance you could put all the icon a day tutorials in some type of downloadable zip file so I can print them out, it is much easier for me to do them that way then having to switch between IE and the program, but either way, thank you very much for all you have done.
on Mar 03, 2005
Paul, I too have to thank you for these GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! Video's they have really helped me. I wondered how you do that. Now I know. Please keep up the good work. You should make a video for Corel. I have every version and I am always learning something new. Glad to have you as a new teacher. Thanks
on Mar 16, 2005

CAn you do a video that shows how to do some more advanced shapes? For example I have been trying to figure out how you made the hammer icon for the Last Cobalt XP icon pack.

on Apr 29, 2005
Thank you for sharing your knowledge on the subject.
The video is much better than most tutorials found on the
web. Thank you again for your time and efforts
on May 01, 2005
Very useful and informative tutorials! I've learned alot, and been inspired along the way. Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge. Any chance you'll do a series on WB?
Thanks again.

Posted via WinCustomize Browser/Stardock Central
on May 16, 2005
great tutorials ... have learnt a lot from them. thanks a lot.
on Jun 21, 2005
Thanks for the tutorials, but some of it goes much to fast, and many of the commands tools, such as the trim tool seems not to be there as default setup, would be nice to get a little more info on these things, but maybe it is just me !
Think about it like this, not all of us have used this program before, so maybe it could be slowed down a bit.
This is by all means not to seem ungreatfull, because it is not ment like that, the tutorials are great !!!

Thanks for your work and insite
on Jul 14, 2005
Excellent stuff. I can't thank you enough. I agree that the tutorials sometimes fly by a little fast, but then there's always pause and rewind .

I too must admit that I've been extremely inspired by your work. One think I would wish for though is that you share the cdr files too. I've been trying to replicate some of your icons (for practice), but somehow I never quite get the same look. I would be nice to have some sort of reference (like the original corel draw files) to check out exact settings etc.

No matter what... Thanks for the incredible work you have put into this.
on Jul 14, 2005
I am thinking of bundleing all the source files, and the totorails, up on a cd. I still have a few things I need to do before that though. The Icon-A-Day folder on my desktop, is now almost a full CD in it's self. Will let you know when I know more.
on Sep 20, 2005
These tutorials are just gold, mormegil. Before them i actually knew how to use CorelDRAW, but that was as far as my knowlege went - knowing the basics. Thanks to the videos i now know and use more advanced techniques and tricks and like moondawg said they really inspired me to create new stuff in Corel, as well as giving me knowlege to finally realise some other ideas i've had for some time, but just couldn't create.

Again thanks a million! It's just a pity that the videos end here.. It would be great to learn more.. You rule man. Thumbs up!