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Our first video file type.
Published on February 9, 2005 By mormegil In Icons
Icon 36 (Movie File)

Over the last few days we have established the style for the the Image file types, as well as the Music file types. This made me think that perhaps we should establish the Video file styles. So today we are going to do the "Movie File". The movie file icon represents several different file extensions, so I am not going to put a title on this one. Later in the pack we will do the MOV and AVI icons in a similar style, and for those I think we will place the title in the top frame of the piece of film.
Step 1:

First thing I do is make a piece of film; the same style as our standard file types. I still have my original piece of film from our video folder, so I steal that and modify it a bit.

Step 2:

Now using the Transparency techniques for Transparency 102, I give the inside of the film a nice cloud pattern.
I also give the edges of the film a gradient with a tint of Red and Blue.

Step 3:

Now using the gloss techniques I give the film a bit of a glare. I also use the reflection techniques to give our piece of film a nice reflection.

Step 4:

Now I copy the film reel from our My Video folder, and place it in front of the film.

Step 5:

Now I give the film reel a new drop shadow, and a bit of a reflection on the film.

Completed icon image.

Click here to download the finished icon.

Tune in tomorrow, and we will both find out what the next icon will be.

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on Feb 09, 2005
Man, I really like this one.

Some nice color and reflection to it.

I can't wait to get to practicing this one, but I will have to as I am about 35 icons behind you and falling fast - but I shall succeed ( I think I can, I think I can)

Thanks, Teach.
on Feb 10, 2005
A nice basis for the other icons, and if you have good ideas (I think it'll be so) it may turn into some great icons.
on Feb 10, 2005
Simply amazing Paul.. I'm so impressed. Wow, you can do just about anything in Corel can't you? Sheesh!
on Feb 10, 2005
Not only are You making an Icon set
You are also Teaching Us to Use the Powerful
Tools in CorelDRAW to boot
You are a Great Artist and a Great Teacher
Thanks Again mormegil
on Feb 11, 2005
Your just amazing man. You make it look so easy.
on Feb 11, 2005
Just curious... when is this package scheduled to be finished? How many icons are going to be included?
on Feb 11, 2005
Not quite sure yet, at least all the supported Icons in the Package Builder view of Iconpackager. by default I think there are 66 I will probobly end up with at least 20 more. But most of them will be in done in 2 for one days, so we are probobly about half way through.