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The First of the Windows Media File Types
Published on February 10, 2005 By mormegil In Icons
Icon 37 (WMV File)

Yesterday we created the Movie File file type. So today I thought we would do another video file type. Today we will do the Windows Media Video file. The nice thing about this is that to make this icon we will need to make a Windows Media Player icon that we will be able to use several more time in the pack.
Step 1:

Step One I use some traditional Drawing tools to Draw a simple version of the Windows Media Player icon.

Step 2:

Now using the Perspective tool, I slant back our new logo, to make it match our established style.

Step 3:

Now using the four Mesh Fills I do the four color bands around the WMP icon, using the perspective shapes as a guide. When I am done I can erase the original shapes.

Step 4:

Now I give the center a blend, and the entire logo a nice gloss. This is very like the sample in the Gloss 101 Video.
Step 5:

Now I take a copy of our film from yesterday, put a label on it and change the fill center portion of the film using a simple Gradient and the Transparency tool to give it some texture.

Step 5:

I give our WMP logo a simple reflection and Move it in front of our file.

Step 5:

I give the WMP icon a drop shadow, and a bit of a reflection on the film.

Completed icon image.

Click here to download the finished icon.

Tomorrow I will use the Windows Media Player icon do do a few more icons and perhaps we will have another two for one day.

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on Feb 10, 2005
Another triumph.

Will be doing more homework this weekend (very busy at work during the week).

Thanks, Teach.
on Feb 11, 2005

This WMP logo is really nice.
on Feb 11, 2005
This is the first icon I noticed that the reflection of the object in back (film strip) is seen in front of the object in front (logo). Oddly enough that jumps out at me and breaks the illusion of depth.

It's amazing work though, thanks for the tutorials.
on Feb 11, 2005

Ah I did not catch that. I will fix it.


on Feb 11, 2005
Whoof....good eyes Zubaz! Other than that, its incredible!