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Another two for one Icon Special.
Published on February 11, 2005 By mormegil In Icons
Icon 38 & 39 (Windows Media Player Icons)

Since we made the Windows Media Player icon as a byproduct of yesterdays WMV File icon. I figured it would be pretty quick to make a few new more related icons. So today we will do a quick two for one special.
Step 1a:

For the first icon I simply copy our WMV file and delete everything but the WMP icon.

Step 2a:

Now I size, and skew our logo to straighten it up for a "face-on" look. Then using the
Reflection & Shadow techniques I give the revised logo some polish.

Here we have our finished icon image.

Step 1b:

Now we take our file from yesterday and remove the transparency. I use the Perspective tool to make it look good inside the folder.

Step 2b:
I use the 
Transparency tool to give texture back to the film. I also give the film some new Gloss.

Step 3b:

Now I move the WMP Logo in front of the folder, and using the node edit tool edit the folders reflection so it dose not overlay the logos reflection.

Step 4b:

Now I place the note from our My Music folder and place it in front of the new folder. To stick with our "Green means music" thing, I change the note to green.

Completed icon image.

Click here to download the finished icon.

Tune in tomorrow for icon #40. I am thinking we might be halfway through the pack. But we shall see.

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on Feb 11, 2005
Looking good!

Thanks, Teach.
on Feb 12, 2005
Hmm, are they not uploaded yet or have they been updated and in the queue ?
on Feb 12, 2005
I get an error message when I attempt to download
on Feb 12, 2005
Nice tutorial , but the icons are either not uploaded or they're awaiting moderation (there is one of your skins awaiting moderation - maybe it is icon #40).
on Feb 12, 2005
This is odd, I seam to be able to get them. I will look into it.
on Feb 12, 2005
Sorry, I updated the SS this morning to fix a typo, and it got bumped back into moderation. Fixed now.