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Setting up Corel, and Object Management.
Published on February 13, 2005 By mormegil In Tutorials
 CorelDRAW for Skinners. Part 5: Setting up Corel, and Object Management.
Today I wanted to go over some of the ways to make CorelDRAW work to your best advantage. These are the things that will help get you on your way to being a master of using CorelDRAW to Skin. I wanted to do a more elaborate lesson on setting up Corel's Preferences but there are a ton of them, so instead I will simply give you some examples of how I set things up. This week we will cover Color Management, and The Nudge.

In part 2 of today's lesson we will go over the basics of using the Object Manger, a great tool that most people don't ever bother to use, but can save you tons of time in your work.

This weeks videos:
Setting up CorelDRAW 101 (Color & Nudge)
Object Manager 101
Stay tuned for more. Requests encouraged, and appreciated.
Video #9: Setting Up CorelDRAW 101 (Color & Nudge)

Video # 10: Object Manager 101

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on Feb 13, 2005
Once again thank You for taking
the Time to share Your Expertise
on Feb 14, 2005
Aaagh CorelDRAW is outside of my financial reach, but I've been waiting for some one to explain the basics like this for sooo long!

I'm at the point where I NEED to know about this stuff (I built a friends website - and the graphics are pants! So I want to redo it, but I'm clueless at graphics, period). Never mind the skinning I want to do.

I'd give my eye teeth to get my hands on a copy of CorelDRAW 10/11, now that these tuts are available! But alas, no spandoolo's for getting it.

on Feb 14, 2005
There are Triel Versions of Corel Avalible.
on Feb 14, 2005
Paul, as a CorelDraw user, I am so greatful for you sharing your talents and techniques. You have helped me tremendously! Thanks, and keep making uber-cool icons.