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One more of the major components.
Published on February 15, 2005 By mormegil In Icons
Icon 44 (My Documents)

Today we finally get around to making the My Documents folder, usually I make this right at the beginning of the pack, but with this pack I was not sure what I wanted to do, so I put it off until now. For this icon I we will re-use several elements and make one more that we will use again later I am sure.
Step 1:

First I gather some elements, the Open Folder, the Default Document, the Picture for the my Pictures Folder, The piece of file from the My Video Folder and last the HTML file from the Web Folder.

Step 2:

Now I size the film a bit and place it in front of the Html File.

Step 3:

Then I pile in the Picture from the My Pictures folder.

Step 4:

Then I move all our new elements into the folder.

Step 5:

Now I give our folder a new reflection.

Step 6:

Now I move our Default File in front of the Folder and Slant it back with the perspective tool. I also give the file a nice shadow.

Step 7:

Now I want a pen, so I am going to make a Sharpie like pen out of some rectangles, using the Mesh Fill.

Step 8:

I shape the new Mesh Objects to look more or less like a pen. I also give the pen a shadow.

Finished Icon Image

Click here to download the finished icon.

Well, now we have one more of the major components to our pack. We will be done before you know it. Tomorrow we shall try and do one of the "Other" icons.
Note: I thought the file Icon looked kind of bland in blue, so as you can see in the final image, I changed it to a red.

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on Feb 15, 2005
Thanks mormegil thats Cool
on Feb 15, 2005
I do not seam to be able to upload at the moment, so you will have to wait to get the Icon untill this is fixed. Hopefully tonight.
on Feb 15, 2005
Ah, a true my documents folder with a little bit of everything.

Nice one, Paul.

Thank you, will download whenever you are able to post it.
on Mar 05, 2008
hi,why images are not appear, please fix this problem. thanks