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Published on February 16, 2005 By mormegil In Icons
Icon 45 (Shortcut Overlay)

Today we will do the only other "Overlay" icon in the standard icon Pack. The Shortcut overlay is always one of the easiest things to make, but not necessarily the easiest to design. It is simple enough to put a arrow in the corner of a square and call it done. I like to spend some time making sure that it matches the rest of the icons, and looks good overlaying the Folders, and Files.
Step 1:

First I start with a simple 2D arrow.
Step 2:

Then I slant I back a bit with the perspective tool.

Step 3:

Now using the
Contour tool I give our arrow a poor mans Bevel.

Step 4:

Now I give the backs of the arrow some gradients, and a blend. I also throw on a bit of

Step 5:

Now we give it a
reflection, and a a shadow.

Finished Icon Image:

Click here to download the finished icon.

I know the final icon image is not very impressive, but I show it with a few examples in the screen shot. Tomorrow we will take a stab at the Desktop Icon.

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on Feb 16, 2005
Thanks, Teach.
on Feb 16, 2005
Thanks mormegil