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Once more into the File Icons my friends.
Published on February 18, 2005 By mormegil In Icons
Icon 47 (INI File)

Well, today is Friday and I'm beat, so as with the last few Fridays I was thinking it would be nice to do something simple. Our iconpack is coming along well, better than I had hoped in fact. However we have many icons to go, a lot of them are not very glamorous so I think we should polish off a few more of them. So tonight we will do one more; the INI file. I am using this as our Configuration file icon, but I will make an INF file as well later.
Step 1:

We will start by copying our Text File and changing the title to INI.
Step 2:

Now once more we will steal some of our prefab Graphics and Copy one of the gears from the Admin Folder.
Step 3:

Now using our
Reflection Techniques we give the gear and the file a new reflection.

Step 4:

Now using our
Shadow Technique We give the gear a new shadow.
Finished Icon Image

Click here to download the finished icon.

Tomorrow I will polish off another simple File icon to make time for this weekends CorelDRAW for Skinners.

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on Feb 18, 2005
Thanks, Teach.

Have a nice Friday evening.
on Feb 19, 2005
It's really going to be a nice icon pack. They can put it in Longhorn as default .
on Feb 19, 2005
You make sure you tell MS that