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Published on February 19, 2005 By mormegil In Icons
Icon 48 - 49 (Application & BAT Files)

Over the next few days I would like to polish off most of the remaining default icons supported in a standard icon pack. Today we will take care of two of them.
Yesterday we did the INI file, and in the process we created a gear that is leaning on a file; today we will put that to good use.
Step 1a:

First I copy our INI File from yesterday. I Nudge the gear out of my way, delete the text copy and lines from the page, and change the Title to BAT.

Step 2a:

Now I change some colors. I am going to make the page Black for these two icons. To make them look more "Command Prompt-ish". I also paste some text in. In this case it is a copy of an Autoexec.bat file I found on the Internet. (So very retro).
Step 3a:

Now I Nudge our gear back in place. Since I have not moved the file and I have my
Nudge set up the way I showed in the "Setup" Video, I know it is exactly in the right place. So I am done with that.
Step 4a:

Now using our
Reflection Technique we give the and page gear a new shadow.
Step 5a:

Since this is a Bat file it is more or less just text, so I want it to reflect that it is editable. I copy our pen from the My Documents folder and place it in front of our new icon.
Just to make it stand out a bit more I use the Mesh Tool to go in and edit its color, making it Blue.

Finished Icon Image

Note: As you can see I changed my mind, as I often do, about the color of the title bar. I changed it to the color I have been using for the System File icons.

Step 1b:

Now for the next icon we copy the Bat file we just made. Nudge the gear off, change the title to C:\, as well as fill the page with Some 1's and 0's to indicate that it is a binary, or compiled file.

Step 2b:

Now as before I simply
Nudge the gear back in place.

Step 3b:

As Above I give our new icon a new Reflection using our
Reflection Techniques
Finished Icon Image.


Click here to download the finished icon.

I think tomorrow I will stay in the realm of File icons. Now I'm off to do this weeks CorelDRAW for Skinners.

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on Feb 19, 2005
Lots of homework to catch up on - I better start tonight.

Thanks again, Paul.