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The last of the default Image File icons.
Published on February 22, 2005 By mormegil In Icons
Icon 52 (GIF File)

Today we will polish off the last of the Default Image file icons. The GIF File. This one is usually pretty simple in concept for me, since GIF's are almost exclusively used for the internet, and when I think of Internet GIF files I think Smileys. So for the last few of my icon packs, I have gotten into the habit of doing something with a pixilated smiley graphic. Today I will do it again. but a bit differently than I have before.
Step 1:

First thing we do is copy the BMP icon from yesterday and delete the page contents, as well as the reflections. I also change the title to GIF

Step 2:

Now in the last icon we had the brush going behind the icon. We will stick with that, (I am going to end up redoing the JPG file, I just know it). I also use the Mesh tool to change my swoosh to yellows.

Step 3:

Now since I am tired, I take a Screenshot of my MSN instant messenger and crop it down to just one of the smileys. I will use this as a guide to make my own.

Step 4:

No using a .03 pixel box and the Nudge settings, I make my own version of the smiley, with a bunch of colored squares. (Note, I want this to look pixilated)
Step 5:

When I am happy with my new smiley, I size it and place it on my page. I select all the squares and give them a Multiply Transparency set to 0.

Step 4:

Our last step is to use the Reflection techniques to give our new images that final polish.

Completed Icon Image.

Click here to download the finished icon.

This is the last of the 3 Default Image icons, BMP, GIF, and JPG. But have no fear, I will be doing several more image format icons before the pack is done. I just want to polish off the default icons before I go off on we move on into more bonus file types.

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on Feb 22, 2005
Love the pixelated smiley technique, very nice.

Thanks, Teach.
on Feb 23, 2005
Its gone a bit dry on the comments front, so i thought i'd say hi and thanks . Your work is truly inspiring to us budding digital artists. Keep going with the excellent work Mormegil 10/10
on Feb 23, 2005
Nice. It's not easy to make so much different icons for different image formats. Keep on like this
on Feb 23, 2005
Thats Great Thanks mormegil