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The stand in video file.
Published on February 24, 2005 By mormegil In Icons
Icon 54 (Video Clip)

As we polish off the default file icons, we come to the Video Clip icon. This icon is used by windows for several types of files; if we don't do the WMA, and AVI file types separately they would show up as the Video Clip icon. I like to do this a bit different than the MOVIE icon. This time I decided to do a "Clapper" in the Glassy style we are using elsewhere in the pack. Ok, off we go.
Step 1:

First thing I do is copy our
WMV file and remove the WMP Logo, and all the shadows and reflections. I also delete the title.

Step 2:

Now I want to make a "Clapper" So I draw it with the rectangle tool.

Step 3:

Now I take our clapper and lean it back against our file with the perspective tool.

Step 4:

Now I duplicate the bottom of the clapper twice and use the original image to trim the edges from the duplicates to get the edges of the clapper.

Step 5:

Now using the mesh tool and a few circles I make a clasp to hold on the top of the clapper.

Step 6:

Now I make some text to go on the clapper, and using the perspective tool fit it on the bottom.

Step 7:

Now I give the clapper some subtle gloss since it is glassy.

Step 8:

Now using our
Shadow and Reflection Techniques  I put a reflection of the clapper in the film, and a nice shadow under the clapper.

Step 9:

Last with the 
Reflection Techniques I new refection of the file and clapper together.

Completed Icon Image.

Click here to download the finished icon.

This is the last of the Default Video icons, we will do some bonus Video Type icons before the pack is done. But for now this can stand in for just about any type of Video file.

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on Feb 24, 2005
Director: Mormegil
Scene: 54

Nice icon also...its really starting to come together...
on Feb 24, 2005
on Feb 25, 2005
Thanks mormegil
on Feb 25, 2005
Your use of lighting astounds me. I have got to learn Corel and vectored graphics. I love how you do reflections and make things look so real. It's just stunning Paul.