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Last "file" for awhile.
Published on February 26, 2005 By mormegil In Icons
Icon 57 (Zip File)

Now we come to the last of the default supported file types, the Zip file. I like to do this one as a folder, because the way I use zip files is more like a folder than a file. And Windows, by default, shows them as "compressed folders". This is also an excuse to get us pointed back toward the Folder icons for awhile. Well lets see what we can do.
Step 1:

First I am going to go way back to our Word Document, and copy it. I also delete the Word logo overlay.

Step 2:

Next I copy the file in the folder and make 3, with different colored files. This is to imply that there is a lot stuffed in the folder.

Step 3:

Now I put my new folders inside the folder by placing them behind the Folder front.

Step 4:

Now I need a zipper. I draw some simple shapes and duplicate them to make the zipper "track"

Step 5:

Using the Perspective tool I slant the track back to fit on the folder front. Then I give it a "poor mans bevel" (see the Contour Tutorial for more on that).

Step 6

Now I draw the zipper handle with 3 rectangles and the mesh fill tool.

Step 7:

I spend a little time with the mesh tool giving the handle some detail.
I also give the different parts of the zipper their own shadows, to give the handle a more natural look.

Step 8:

Now using our
Shadow techniques I give the zipper head a new shadow.

Step 9:

Last with the 
Reflection Techniques to do a nice reflection of the entire image.

Completed Icon Image.

Click here to download the finished icon.

Tomorrow we will dive back into the folder icons, so check back in then.

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on Feb 26, 2005
Thank you, Paul.
on Feb 27, 2005
With the Behind the Scenes info
I can Understand How these Icons Come Together.
Thanks mormegil
on Feb 28, 2005
Really nice icon, especially the handle, the mesh tool can make some good results. Maybe you could use it with the track too, but never mind.