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Loose ends.
Published on March 3, 2005 By mormegil In
Icon 62 (Network Services)

Yesterday I said I would be be doing the Printer icon tonight. However I am running late today do to the fact that I am in the process of moving over the next week or so. So tonight I am going to cheap out and take care of some lose edges.

A while back we did a series of network icons, now that we are getting closer to the end of the pack I realized that we skipped a few. The first of these is the Network Services icon.
Step 1:

Lets start by copying the Internet icon.

Step 2:

Now I size the globe down and tweak the cable to make it stretch further around the edge of the icon area.
Step 3:

Now we take a copy of the gear from the admin folder and place it in front of the globe.

Step 4:

Now using our reflection techniques I give the gear a new reflection.

Step 5:

Now using the Shadows techniques I give the gear the new shadow.

Finished Icon design.

Click here to download the finished icon.

Well, I still want to get to the printer icon, hopefully we will be able to take care of it tomorrow.

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on Mar 03, 2005
Yes indeed, shaping up nicely.

Of course this is what we have come to expect from Mormegil!

Thanks, Teach.
on Mar 04, 2005
I cant thank you enough. You have taught me more than I could ever imagined. I have had Corel Draw for quite some time, but never used it until your videos. Now I have fallen in love with it. Every day I cant wait to see the new Icon Of The Day. And the weekends drive me crazy until I download the new Corel Draw For Skinners. I spend a lot of time studying and practicing the things you teach us. Hopefully someday I can give back a portion of what you have given to all of us.

Thanks again, Dave
on Mar 04, 2005
I find myself continually wishing for a pack of Office icons to complete the Word icon you introduced many moons ago Any sign of Excel etc please?
on Mar 04, 2005
Well, I got my Corel Graphics Suite 12 in the other day (got the full version for $179 as an existing PSP customer), I have yet to install it but I plan to get to that ASAP, so I'm hoping to take a look at this great series as well as the Corel video series and maybe learn how to create graphics that are maybe 1/1000th as clean as your Paul. Any tips on getting started, anyone?
on Mar 04, 2005
hi, i´m citizen TYCUS , well i realy licke the work you do and the video tutorials that you make help me alote..., but i wonder if you can do a tutorial of boot skin and logon studio.

my e-mail:

on Mar 04, 2005
Tycus, I will attempt to get to logon studio, and bootskin in my next project, "Atlas" which I will be doing as soon as the Icon-A-Day project is compleate, some time in april. Thank You very much.
on Mar 07, 2005
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