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One more quick one.
Published on March 12, 2005 By mormegil In Icons
Icon 71 (Suspend)

Today's icon will follow almost exactly the same steps as yesterdays. This is a good example of how to re-use techniques. So with no further ado, lets make the "Suspend" icon.
Step 1:

First things first, we copy the Run icon from yesterday and remove the text, and change the background to a Golden Yellow blend.

Step 2:

Now using two circles and the trim tool I make myself a nice crescent moon shape.

Step 3:

Now we use the Perspective tool, give our half moon some dimension. I also use the Contour tool to give the moon a "poor mans bevel"

Step 4:

Now we give the Moon a standard Corel
drop shadow.

Step 5:

Now with the
contour tool I give the Moon a inner contour to the appearance of depth.

Step 6:

Now we give the moon a nice bit of 

Step 7:

Once more the last step is to give the new icon a new

Finished Icon Design.

Click here to download the finished icon.

This brings us to the last ever icon to be done in my crap-taculer tiny 1 bedroom apartment. Tomorrow we will push on further through the "Start icons" From my shiny brand new house. See you all then.

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on Mar 12, 2005
Yeah, new house, and a nap time icon for the end of the old one
on Mar 12, 2005
Thanks, Teach.
on Mar 13, 2005
on Mar 13, 2005


on Mar 14, 2005
Loving your work. How do I change the suspend icon etc?
on Mar 14, 2005
I think the only way to change it is with Iconpackager. And I dont think it can be changed in XP. It is mostly for 2000 and 9x
on Mar 16, 2005
I have Iconpackager but I cannot find where?
on Mar 16, 2005
It is in the "Start" Section, and like I said it only taks affect in Windows 2000 or 9x.