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Almost done with the folder Icons.
Published on April 23, 2005 By mormegil In Icons
Icon 76 (Star Menu)

We are just about done with the folder icons, only one more after today. Today's icon is one that was added to IconPackager in the 2.5 version: the Start Menu folder. This one is always a bit of a pain, and I tend to want to do it with a lot of detail, though it is not really necessary. This time we will keep it pretty basic, and essentially design a small mockup of a possible WindowBlinds skin. So, lets do it.
Step 1:

Lets start with some mesh rectangles, blocking out the shape of the start menu.

Step 2:

Now we start editing our meshes, giving some detail, and panels.

Step 3:
As we get some detail worked in, you start to see the menu take shape.

Step 4:

 Using Texture Transparency techniques, we give it a nice matching brush pattern, to go with our other icons. Also, we give it some gloss.

Step 5:

Now using a few more meshes we add some small colorful patches, to flesh the start menu.

Step 6:

Now that we have the menu mostly done, we need some menu items. So I copy some of our icons over, and add some text. Then I convert them to a bitmap.
Step 7:

Now using Bitmap, 3D Perspective, I slant back the new menu bitmap, and place it over our new Start Menu Graphics.

Step 8:

Now we give the new icon a nice

Step 9:

Last we we give the menu a nice

Finished Icon Image

Click here to download the finished icon.

We only have the Control Panel icon left in folders, but I want to think about it for a day or so, so tomorrow we will knock out a few bonus folder icons.

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on Apr 23, 2005
Thanks, Teach.
on Apr 23, 2005
Hmm... I think this is going to have to lead into a WindowBlinds skin, mormegil.
on Apr 23, 2005
nice cant wait for the final icon package
on Apr 24, 2005
Hmm... I think this is going to have to lead into a WindowBlinds skin, mormegil.

I second that !