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A two for one day, to buy myself some time.
Published on April 24, 2005 By mormegil In Icons
Icon 77 & 78 (Cameras and Scanners Folders)

We are just about done with the folder icons and the only one left is the Control Panel icon; I'm not quite sure I want to do with that. I kind of wish that I had used the Folder Options icon. But I don't want to go thought the explanation of why I am changing it. I think I will go through the trouble having to come up with something else. While I think of that I am going to crank out a few bonus folder icons.

Today we will use the My Pictures folder, and the Imaging Folder, taking some of the elements we have done already, and tweaking them to make a nice two for one Icon-A-Day icon set.

Step 1a:

First we copy the My Pictures folder and remove the brush.

Step 2a:

Now all we have to do is copy the scanner from our Scanners & Cameras folder.

Step 3a:
Now we use some of our Reflection Techniques to get put a reflection on of the folder and the lid on the scanner glass.

Step 4a:

To match some of our older folders I will quickly copy the scanner and, using the Reflection Techniques, put a bit of a reflection to the front of the folder.

Finished Icon Image.

Step 6:

Now once again we use our My Pictures folder and the Camera from our Scanners & Cameras folder.

Step 7:

I give the Camera a nice reflection with our same Reflection Techniques.

Step 8:

Now we simply move our Camera in front of the folder.

Step 9:

We give one last reflection to the front of the folder.

Finished Icon Image

Click here to download the finished icon.

I'm not sure what we will do tomorrow, perhaps I will do a few more folders. Check in tomorrow to find out.

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on Apr 24, 2005

But you really meant 'folders' instead of 'folderers', right?
on Apr 24, 2005
Thanks, Teach.
on Sep 28, 2007