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Time to start tieing up the lose ends.
Published on April 27, 2005 By mormegil In Icons
Icon 81 (Search)

Tonight we can finish off another lose end. The start menu is mostly done, however I seem to have skipped the Search icon. I always like to try and come up with something clever when doing these, but when it comes to Search, I never can. I almost always end up doing a Magnifying glass. The only thing I can think of to do to make these match the rest of the icons is to make sure the colors match, as well as the perspective.
Step 1:

First we will start with a few squares and circles. I Rotate them a bit, and group them.

Step 2:

Now we take our group that we just made and slant it back with the Perspective tool.

Step 3a:
Once I have a perspective I like, I ungroup the top of the glass, and do some Copying and Trimming to make a simple extrusion.

Step 4:

Now with two mesh fills and a bit of gloss, I draw over our boxes to make a handle for the glass.

Step 5:

Now I use standard Gradients to make the upper part of the glass look like metal.

Step 6:

Now we place a new circle in the center of the head and using the
interactive transparency tool I give it a radial transparency.

Step 7:

Now we give the glass some glare.

Step 8:

Now using our standard reflection techniques we give the icon a reflection,

Step 9:

Last we have to give the icon a new
shadow using our normal techniques as well.

Finished Icon Image.

Click here to download the finished icon.

I think that wraps up our Start Menu icons. This is also a good element that we may find more use for later. See you all tomorrow.

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on Apr 27, 2005
Wow! The hits just keep comin'

In 3a - is it Copying and Trimming?

Thanks, Teach.
on Apr 28, 2005
yep. sorry about that.
on Apr 28, 2005

A few questions on Copying and Trimming, if you do not mind:

1 - when copying and trimming, we create a copy > offset copy > select original and copy > trim command?

2 - do you use the "Shaping Docker" for the trimming in this icon?

3 - do you use the "Shaping Docker" in the case of the silica (glass, aero, etc.) look - specifically in the default file icon or the box in the "run", etc. icons?

4 - if you use the "Shaping Docker" - which original object do you leave: source, target, or both?

Sorry for all the questions, but this is the technique I am unclear on - and would really like to understand how to accomplish this look with your way.

Thank you for all your time - I look forward to your next release (maybe the Core WB, or a package of Core Gadgets - hint, hint).

Thanks, again.
on Apr 28, 2005
Ooooh, pretty!
on Apr 29, 2005
Really, really nice. Can we expect an Explorer icon now?