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More drive Icons, or first flash memory card.
Published on May 2, 2005 By mormegil In Icons
Icon 84 (CompactFlash)

I want to do several more drive icons. We still have a few of the defaults left, but just for fun I think I will do the Compact Flash drive icon.

This one is nice because it is pretty common, so it should be useful to a lot of people.
Step 1:

First we draw out the shapes of the media with several rectangles.
Step 2:

Now I temporarily fill the shapes and group them. Then I lean the disk back with the Perspective Tool.

Step 3:

Now I want to give the edges some more detail so I draw a few more rectangles, making a groove on the side of the media.

Step 4:

Now I would like to have a bit of texture on the plastic part of the media, I do this with our Interactive Transparency Techniques.

Step 5:

Now using simple Text Tools,and some rectangles, I make some details for the label.

Step 6:

Last we polish it off the icon with our
Shadow and Reflection Techniques.

Finished Icon Image.

Click here to download the finished icon.

Tomorrow we will polish of another drive icon; I think the SD Card. So check back in to see how it turns out.

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on May 02, 2005
Real nice, Paul.

If you get a free moment, could you review a few questions on trimming techniques and the shaping docker I left in Icon #81 comments section - and answer as you can?

Didn't want to leave the same questions in a bunch of threads.

Thank you, Teach.
on May 02, 2005

All I need now is a compact flash reader icon