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A Bonus Pack of Disks, just for fun
Published on May 12, 2005 By mormegil In
Icon 88 (Optical Disks)

I have missed a few days, so I wanted to make up with a bonus pack. While Windows includes all these types of disks inside the the Shell32.dll I do not know of anyway of changing them on a system level, other than a hack. Hopefully IconPackager will find a way to do so before to long.

One more reason to do these disks is that CandyBar for OS 10 supports them. So just for fun, and because they are all pretty simple, I figured what the heck. So with no further ado, I give you the Optical Disks.
Step 1:

So this will be pretty simple, First we get ourselves a nice copy of the CD icon.

Step 2:

Now we copy over one of our pens from any one of our file icons that we have made already.

Step 3:

Now we create two simple rectangles, set a 50% Transparency setting; one in a color and one white for a nice line.
Step 4:

Now we simple use the Text Tool to add the type of drive access to the colored bar, making sure it is placed behind the glare.

This finishes of our first of the Optical Disk formats.

Step 5:

Now we need one more element to make the rest of our Disk Types: a pencil. This we start by mocking up a pencil with some mesh rectangles.

Step 6

Now with our standard
Mesh Tool Techniques we start molding our pencil.

Step 7:

mesh editing...

Step 8:

And still more
mesh editing.


Step 9:

Last we use our
Shadow and Reflection techniques to finish off our pencil.

Finished Second Icon.

Note: The rest of our types we do with exactly the same steps, but changing the colors, and the text.


Download the Completed Icons here.


Now that we have a all the common Optical Disk types, we will move on. We have a few other bonus Disk types that we will polish off before we move on toward the end of our pack.

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on May 12, 2005
I attempted my own pencil recently, but I like this one MUCH better! Thanks, Mormegil!!
on May 12, 2005
Fantastic, Teach.
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