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One more bonus Icon before we start on the IconPackager 3.0 Icons.
Published on May 15, 2005 By mormegil In Icons
Icon 94 (DVD - ROM)

We are just about done with all the default icons in an IconPackager Package. But wait, there is more.... IconPackager 3.0 is just about ready for release and on top of making it a lot easier to create your packs they have added several new default file types and I think some folders as well. So, in short, we are not as close to the end as I thought. I think we have at least 20 more icons to go, but all of them should be pretty useful, so this is good news. I still want to do some more bonus icons, but for the next month or so we will be doing all the new IP 3.0 files.

Our last Icon-A-Day set was a big bunch of Optical Disks, but I realized that I forgot one of the most common: the DVD-ROM Disk. So tonight we will tie up that little lose end.
Step 1:

Now we shall start with a copy of our Music CD.

Step 2:

Then we steal a copy of the slate from our Video file.

Step 3:

Now I have to make one new graphic: out of a circle and some tweaked text I make a DVD logo. Then I place it on the front of the slate using the Perspective Tool.
Step 4:

Now we place the slate in front of our disk.

Step 5:

Now we quickly copy our slate, convert it to a bitmap, and create a simple
reflection on the disk.

Step 6:

Now we need a new
shadow for the slate. This will bring out the bottom of the slate.

Step 6

Last we add one more
reflection of the slate.

Finished Icon Image.

Download the Completed Icons here.

Tomorrow we will start on the new file types for IconPackager 3.0, starting with PNG.

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on May 15, 2005
Thanks, Teach.
on May 15, 2005
Mormegil, you're great, but, you're missiing two of the most important icons, Recycle Bin, Full and Empty
on May 16, 2005
Not missing, just not done yet.