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Back form E3, back to work.
Published on May 21, 2005 By mormegil In Icons
Icon 96 (TIF File)

Well, I'm back from E3 alive and kicking, though just barely. Today I want to get back into the new IconPackager 3.0 default file types. When we left off we were doing the PNG file. Today we will do one of the new image files: the TIF file. This will be done in almost the same way as the PNG file with a few exceptions. Once more this is a good example of how the same techniques can be used over and over and yet achieve quite different results.
Step 1:

First we copy our PNG file, remove the overlay graphics, and change the title to TIF. We also remove the existing reflection.

Step 2:

Now again with the techniques from Gloss Tutorial we make a nice cyan colored  lens shape.

Step 3:

Now I pull a simple drop shadow with a nice dark cyan color to give it a more glassy look.

Step 4:

Now we simply copy our cyan shape, and change the colors to Yellow.

Step 5:

Now we make another copy in magenta.

Step 6:

And one last copy in black.

Step 7

Now we go through and convert the four shapes to bitmaps giving them a
slight transparency so they look more glassy.

Step 8

Now I tighten up the color shapes to a formation I like and place them above the file.
Step 9

Once more our last step is to give the new file a new

Finished Icon Image.

Download the Completed Icons here.

Tomorrow we will do anther new IconPackager 3.0 File type.

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on May 22, 2005
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