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Almost there, 3 more to be done with the 2.5 Package
Published on June 1, 2005 By mormegil In Icons
Icon 101 (Briefcase)

Well, we are almost done believe it or not. My original plan was to end with the full and empty Recycle Bin icons. However, due to popular demand I have made a few tweaks to my schedule. IconPackager 3.0 is scheduled to come out next week and my plan is to release the finished icon package at the same time. For that we still need about 10 icons.

I realized that there were only three (3) icons left to have a completed IconPackager 2.5 icon pack, and since most of the people who have been following these tutorials have been building an icon package as we have gone, I figured we should jump ahead a bit. So today we will start wrapping up the last of the IconPackager 2.5 icons with the Briefcase, tomorrow we will do the Empty Recycle Bin, and Friday we will finish up the 2.5 pack, with the Full Recycle Bin.

After that we will go ahead and polish up the rest of the IconPackager 3.0 pack and finish up in about a week more with a Tutorial and Video on building the final IconPackager 3.0 icon package. I am going to use IP3 because it has a very cool new Packager Builder, which will save me tons of time and make life a lot easier for us all.

With that, let us begin.
Step 1:

As usual we will start with some mesh rectangles.

Step 2:

Now we start molding our Mesh Rectangles with the Mesh Tool.

Step 3:

Here is a bit more detail of how the meshes are being done.

Step 4:

Once we get a nice look to the body of the briefcase we go ahead and give it a nice Brush Texture, using our Transparency Techniques.

Step 5:

Now to make the case seem a bit more metallic, we will give it a nice glare using our Gloss Techniques.

Step 6:

We need to give our briefcase a handle; we do this with 3 more rectangles, the mesh tool, and a  bit of Gloss.
Step 7:

Here is a closer look at our handles done with the Mesh Tool.
Step 8:

Once we have the handle, we give the case a nice drop shadow, using our Drop Shadow techniques.
Step 9:

As usual we will finish up with our Reflection Technique.

Finished Icon Image.

Download the Completed Icons here.

Check in tomorrow for the much anticipated, Recycle Bin.

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on Jun 01, 2005
Another excellent opportunity to practice our "sculpting" skills.

Thanks, Teach.
on Jun 02, 2005
I agree, Corky! I'm still working on that handle!