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The last of our IconPackager 2.5 Icons.
Published on June 6, 2005 By mormegil In Icons
Icon 103 (Recycle Bin - Full)

Today we will finish up our IconPackager 2.5 icons with the "Full" Recycle Bin. We will do this primarily by using many elements from our file icons, as well as making a few minor tweaks to our Empty Recycle Bin icon. This will work out to be several steps, but they are all pretty simple for the most part.
Step 1:

First we start by making a copy of our "Empty" Recycle Bin icon from last week.

Step 2:
Now we are going to do some layer management. I have not talked much about this during the tutorials, but I have an extensive tutorial on it in the Corel For Skinners videos.

I have 3 layers that we will use.

Step 3:

 I group all the objects that make up the back of the Bin, and move them to a layer in my file called "Folder Backs"

Step 4:

Now I Group all the parts of the front of the Bin, and place them on a layer called "Folder Fronts"


Step 5:

Now I make copies of some of our file icons. I place them all on the "Folder Contents" Layer.

Step 6:

Now I ungroup the file icons and start stealing pieces from them. I start by taking the Document file, removing the bitmap from it, then using the Perspective Tool to slant it back.
Because it is one "Folder Content" Layer it aromatically sits between the font and the back of the bin, making it look like they are inside the bin.

Step 7:

Now we repeat the last step, but with the BMP file. I have to remove the Bitmap, and the Mesh fill on the tile of the file, because they will not work with the Perspective Tool.  I will put them back later.

Step 8:

Now we continue, placing our pieces-parts in the Bin. Next we add the Sharpie, rotating it and skewing the shadow a bit to make it look like it is being cast on the files.

Step 9:

I have a green Shear in the PNG file. I take it and place it behind the files in the back of the bin.

Step 10:

Once more we grab our music note from the Wav file and place it inside the Bin. This one looks fine just how it is, so it is simply set in the proper place and we call it done.


Step 11:

Now I want to stick in one more element, so we take the paint brush, rotate it and flip it and place it inside the bin.


Step 12:

Last I take the bitmap from our BMP file and skew and crop it a bit and place it behind the brush and note. So it is back at home on our BMP file.


Step 13:

Now by turning off the visibility of our "Folders Front" I can look clearly at what's inside the bin, and make sure it is what I want. When I am happy with it I simply turn the layer back on.

Step 14:

Now I need a new reflection, so I take our existing reflection bitmap, turning off the transparency that I gave it before. Then copy all the bin Context, flip it, and using our reflection Techniques, we give the new bin a nice shadow.

Step 15:

Last we need to add a bit to the bins shadow. We do this with our standard Drop Shadow Techniques.

Finished Icon Image.

Download the Completed Icons here.

.Well, that wraps up our IconPackager 2.5 Icons. If you have an Icon package, and you have not already done so, you can simply open it up, go to package builder mode, and assemble a completed pack.

The Icon-A-Day series is not quite done yet however. I still have about 10 icons to do to complete the IconPackager 3.0 default Icon package. So I will be doing those over the next week or so. Then we will be building the final pack.
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All Images and Text in this tutorial are © Paul Boyer, and may not be reused without written permission.

on Jun 06, 2005
All I can say is "Amazing"!

Thanks for the great series, Paul.

Looking forward to the 3.0 stuff, and any other offerings from you - whether free or purchasable.
on Jun 06, 2005
I agree, Corky_O! I've enjoyed learning from every part of this series - at least all that I've been capable of. And it will take me longer to learn everything, but I've got quite a few basics down, thanks to Paul! This has been quite an informative series, to say the least, and yet I'm still looking forward to the next ten. I believe the mesh tool (and sculpting with it) has been the greatest tool I've learned about. Invaluable lessons from an invaluable tutor, Thanks, Mormegil, for everything you've given us!

on Jun 06, 2005
Wow just wow, I can't wait untill the final pack is assembled. That way all I have to do is click the icon packager file and they are installed instead of switching each manualy.
on Jun 07, 2005
103 Icons...and I'm still amazed at how you do what you do...
on Jun 14, 2005
103 and I love every one... How many more to go? And when is the next update?
on Jun 14, 2005
Thank you very much, Paul. The course was spectacular, as are the icons.
Thanks for investing so much time and love into this project.