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A video wrap up and guide to making our final IconPackage
Published on June 26, 2005 By mormegil In Icons
Making the final IconPackage.

So, its been several months now since we started working on the Icon-A-Day project. I have officially finished all of the icons as of yesterday. However I still have several icon tutorials to post, but they can come out over the next few days. The icons are done, and that means its time to make the Final IconPackage.

To make the final Icon-A-Day IconPackage, I am using two programs, IconDeveloper 1.1 and IconPackager 3.0. Both of these programs are pretty cheap, considering how much the software I used to design the icons cost, and besides, if you own Object Desktop you already have them.

Rather then do a step by step image tutorial I have recoded a video showing the entire process of assembling the pack. I will sum it up here but make sure you watch the video.

Step 1:

First I use IconDeveloper to batch convert all the PNG's we have made; 119 of them if you can believe it. This allows us to quickly make Windows XP style icons in all the resolutions we want.

(Watch the Video for more)


Step 2:

Now we use IconPackager 3.0's new Package Builder to quickly drag and drop all of our icons into their proper places.

(Watch the Video for more)

Step 3:

And last but not least we save our pack, as well as go through and make some personal tweaks to make use of some of our bonus icons.

(Watch the Video for more)


Click Here to Download the Final IconPackager Pack!

Click here to see all 100 icons in the final IconPackage.

This brings us to the end of the Icon-A-Day tutorial series. I will be posting a few more tutorials that got skipped, but they will all be linked in the Icon-A-Day Index. I might even be posting a few more bonus icons in the future, as requests come in.

I would like to thank everyone who followed this series. Its been lots of fun, and hopefully we all learned something. I am glad to have a new free icon package done, and am inspired to get moving on the next one.

Keep checking back to my page; in about a month I will be starting a new tutorial series on making a WindowBlinds skin, step by step. We might even make it match these icons!

Once more thanks for tagging along with me, and enjoy the icons!

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All Images and Text in this tutorial are © Paul Boyer, and may not be reused without written permission.

on Jun 26, 2005
Great job on the icons and the tutorials Paul. I am using the icons now and they will stay for some time.
on Jun 26, 2005
Those make a fantastic IP theme. I am using them now.
on Jun 26, 2005
Wow, great stuff! You are a true talent, Paul!

Posted via WinCustomize Browser/Stardock Central
on Jun 26, 2005
BTW, this goes great with the Liquid2 WindowBlinds skin, but I look forward to an official WB skin to match these icons.

Posted via WinCustomize Browser/Stardock Central
on Jun 26, 2005
official WB skin

Hey that would be a great idea.
on Jun 26, 2005
Thanks, Teach.
on Jun 28, 2005
Sensai, you have impressed me. Great work.

Finally! A True WindowBlinds tutorial! This might make it bearable for me to make a WindowBlinds... LOL.

Thanks. Truly, Thanks.
on Jun 29, 2005
Thank you so very much for these tutorials Mormegil, it makes it possible for new developers to learn by example and inspires them to create their own unique work. It can't be said enough how much of an impact your contributions have on the skinning community.

I am anxious to see how a WB tutorial turns out! Thank you for the very generous tutorials.
on Jun 29, 2005
Thanks a lot for the awesome icons. They definitely add some pizzaz to my desktop. Keep up the good work.
on Aug 12, 2005
This is perfect icon,
Thanks for your share!
on Aug 13, 2005
I really like your work on the Icon-a-Day series, I am even more surprised to know that they where all created with CorelDraw. CorelDraw is my program of choice, but until now I did not know it full capability.

I am really looking forward to your next tutorial series on making a WindowBlinds skin, step by step. (Maybe you could give us an update on how that is going.)

I think it is a really great idea to make the blind match the Icon-A-Day, icons.

Just one added feature I would really like to see is, when one right mouse clicks the title bar it folds up, I really like blinds that have that feature.

Keep up the good work. Its awesome!
on May 17, 2006
This IP tutorial and the actual IP is fantastic, I also use corel but now thanks to you I can use it so much better. Thanks I am forever in debt to you.
on May 17, 2006
Thats nice to here. Thanks
on May 21, 2006
yo, diggin the icons, so I started downloading then noticed you got wack of them,
sO went to download them from your website, but down? do you have an ICL package?
And do you recommend any alternative software thats cost free? Love this batch !!

on Jun 19, 2006
Awesome icons! Ive downloaded several of your individual icons-but now i think its time for the Icon-A-Day package!

A WB skin would be great too!

keep it up!