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Before we get to much further into the 2.0 update of the Icon-A-Day icon package, I want to take a moment to create a new index page so we can keep track of each step in the process. 

Day 6
(Monday, August 11th, 2008) Line

This index will give us a convenient home for the Icon-A-Day 2.0 project. As the project continues I will update this index with links to each of the tutorials. Unlike in 2.0, this index will be organized by day, not by icon.

Day 1, System Folders:

Day 2, Basic File Types:

Day 3, Closed Folder

Day 4, Open Folder

Day 5, Live Folder

Day 7, Data Folder

Day 8, Wrapper Folder 

Day 9, Favorites Folder  

Day 10, Pictures Folder   

Day 11, Downloads Folder 

Day 12, Links Folder    

Day 13, Music Folder    

Day 14, Videos Folder 

Day 15, Search Folder 

Wrap Up:
This index is for the Icon-A-Day 2.0 updated icons only. For the original Icon-A-Day tutorial Index, click here. For more details on the CorelDRAW techniques used in both the 1.0 and 2.0 tutorials, check out the CorelDRAW for Skinners tutorials here.

About Me:
You can find all my skins, tutorials, and articles, on my Wincustomize Homepage, at http:\\ Questions on icon use and techniques, can be emailed to Twitter users can find me with the user name: Mormegil.


All Icon-A-Day artwork, copy, and icons, are copyrighted by Paul Boyer © 2008, and may not be used with out express permission.

on Aug 11, 2008
I think he's just trying to distract us from the fact we didn't get any new icons today.

I was actually going to ask in the first one if there would be a central thread to find them all but never got around to it. So thanks for this.
on Aug 12, 2008
The truth is, its booth, I had the data folder half done, but ran out of time. Desided to do this sooner rather than later to make it easier in the long run.
on Aug 12, 2008
I was jk. Didn't mean any offense.

on Aug 18, 2008
I've been looking at that download icon on the other forum posts in the series and thinking how cool it looked. Nice addition to the set.