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Last_LogoI will be out of the country for the next week, so I will be putting the Icon-A-Day tutorials on hold until next Thursday. Luckily I had found something good to post that should be able to give everyone something to play with while I am MIA.

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008 Line

Bringing LaST up to date
Last_FolderMonths ago I was asked to update the IO Iconpack for MyColors. Since IO is, at its heart, a modified version of the LaST icons, I ended up doing almost all the work need to update the complete LaST icon pack. So this weekend I was able to go through and polish off the rest of it. The result was a brand new, Vista version of LaST Cobalt.

There was quite a bit of work that went into this update, so it is not really possible to do a step-by-step tutorial of the update, rather I decided to go through and show a few of the highlights of what went into the update.

Vista User Folders:
One of the biggest charges in Vista is the addition of several new User folders, as well as the new User folder structure. Several of the existing folders still worked; My Pictures, My Music, etc. However, I had to go through and create several new icons that are only used in Vista, such as Downloads, and Contacts. LaST_User_Folders
Live Folders:
The Live folders were the biggest obstacle in updated this iconpack, since the folder form factor is so non-traditional. So I had to do some tweaks, and I ended up simply creating a version of the Last folder on its side. With a few more tweaks I was able to make the Live folders work, though they obscure a bit more of the thumbnails than I like, but because the folder is translucent it still worked out ok.
Last(Vista)preview_Thumb Bringing along the rest of our friends:
The original LaST icons we designed for a Mac icon contest, and then brought over to 9x, and XP, so it contains many icons that are not used by default in Windows Vista. But since I have all the original icons saved in nice, clean 384x384 PNGs. I was able to create new Vista style icons of even the most obscure Windows 98 icon. I can say that this new pack includes every LaST icon I was able to fit in it. 

Even though I stuffed this iconpack with all the LaST icons I could, I there are still many more miscellaneous icons, that I currently have posted over in the Object Dock Library. I will be updating them to the new Vista standard soon.
Wrap Up:
Since I created these icons I have learned a great deal, including ways to automate many of the steps required to create sub-packs. I have always wanted to create some other color versions of these icons; Black, Ruby, and such. I am considering putting these together, but I am going to wait to see if people use these. I know they are a bit dated in style. Let me know weather you would like to see a few more LaST Iconpacks, and if so what colors you would like. 

About Me:
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Download the LaST 2.0 Iconpack: 
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on Aug 26, 2008
Amazing live folder set!!
on Aug 27, 2008
This is really good

He made a name for himself with this set in the past. Now they are looking better than ever.

Will this set be out soon?

Never mind! It's already uploaded for download

on Aug 27, 2008
A black set would be uber-nice. Thanks for this update, Paul.
on Aug 27, 2008
Sorry, double post.