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The Marathon Icons see their third Marathon in 3 months.
Published on June 22, 2009 By mormegil In WinCustomize News

Despite the risk to my poor IPhone, I drug it along on the Mayors marathon yesterday so I could record a special thank you to everyone who bought the Marathon icons.

With your help, my wife and I were able to raise over $8000 dollars for LLS, If you include all the Team In Training runners who came to Alaska we raised over 1.7 million dollars. 

I will be able to continue selling the Marthon Icons for Team in training for at least the rest of the year, so tell a friend what a great deal they are and what a great cause they support.

Beside all that I want to say a personal thanks, your support made a big differance, and a huge shout out to Stardock for donating 100% of the sales, including bandwidh cost to the cause.

If you want to see more pictures form the race you can follow me mile by mile here. 

on Jun 22, 2009

My pleasure to have done my little part to help!  A MOST worthy cause and a great idea.  8)

on Jun 22, 2009
Its a great thing your doing Paul.
on Jun 22, 2009
that is so good to hear   
on Jun 24, 2009
while you were playing with your phone,you got passed by a woman...heheheheh
on Jun 25, 2009
Oh I got passed buy quite a few...
on Feb 05, 2010
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