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December 15, 2003 by mormegil
The second the sires of Tech TV themed wallpapers and Icons, That I did for tech TV is now available. Fans of "The Screen Savers" Will want to check these out. The wall is available in 3 sizes, and the Icons come in all the sizes up to 128x128. So they are ready and waiting for Objectdock. And best thing is there free.
December 6, 2003 by mormegil
As most people who know me, will know that I am a big TechTV Fan. Recently I had the opportunity to be commissioned to do a series of Wallpaper and Icons for them. The first Set, designed to match the new “Call For Help” Logo is available now at  TechTV and “Call For Help” Fans should check them out. They are free. And the Icons even come in Mac and PC format.   
November 24, 2003 by mormegil
New Page 1OK, so I eded up finishing the Windowblinds skin on the plain to California. Bringing us to a total of 34 hours on the Windowblinds skin. More then I wanted but not to bad over all. But now from the Starbucks in San Bernardino California. I have the chance to update the blog, and explain why I have been MIA for the last 2 days.

I spent yesterday doing the Icons and the wall, though I want to tweak the wall a bit more so Im not showing it here. Icons ended up takeing about 5 1/2 hour...
November 20, 2003 by mormegil
Ok, As I was saying yesterday I am a bit behind schedule. I was hoping to have the Windowblinds skin wrapped up tonight, and I almost got there. But not quite. I still need a XP start button, as well to tweak some of the system colors. But I should have no problem finishing it up tomorrow.

Here is another teaser of the skin. I will have a full Screenshot for you tomorrow night.

Click the Thumbnail to see full size Image.
My Plan for tomorrow is to finish up the Windowblinds Skin, do the ...
November 19, 2003 by mormegil
New Page 1Not that this will come as a surprise to anyone who has ever made a Windowblinds skin, I am running a bit behind the. But the good news is I think I am only about a half day behind my proposed schedule.

My main problem today was I pretty much completely abandoned the Titlebar and Frames that I had finished yesterday. Brad pointed out to me that it was a bit Harsh. And I had to admit he was right. The funny thing is that once I got into rethinking it I decided to go with a idea that ...
November 18, 2003 by mormegil
New Page 1After the miner set back of having no power at the office today, Things are going ok on the Christmas Theme. I am not going to show any Screenshots tonight, as I am not ready to show what I have. But here are the things I got done today.

1) Established look and feel of the Windowblinds skin.
    This proved much harder then I had hoped. Making something that is decidedly "Christmasy" that is not annoyingly bright, or to Cliché, What I want is when people see the skin for the first...
November 18, 2003 by mormegil
New Page 1      This morning I came in early to start on my Christmas theme, and low and behold, there is no power at the office. Luckily I had not stated the theme yet, so I jumped in my car and headed home. After a this hour or so of delay I am back on it.

      I spent some time this morning just coming up with Christmas elements that I can work in to the suite. This allows me to come up with a color palette, as well as helps me establish ...
November 17, 2003 by mormegil
New Page 1Skinning Christmas....

    As most of the skinners out there know, I am one of the luckiest skinners arrowed. In that I one of the few who get paid to skin. While it is not my full time job here at Stardock, It is something I get to do for special occasions.  And Low and behold, its one of those special occasions, Christmas. I have been given the task over the rest of this week, to make a Christmas Suite skins. And I thought it would be kind of cool to do a "...
September 18, 2003 by mormegil
New Page 1Damaging a perfectly good Battleship.

Today I got to spend sometime making some damage decals for Galciv2. Using my old standby, CorelDraw. We came up with some nice looking stuff. With luck by the time the game goes gold we will have animated damage, with plasma venting and lots of fun stuff like that.

Bang, your dead, or at least scorched a bit...
September 18, 2003 by mormegil
New New Blog New Job, New Blog, So much to learn!

       Hello all, and welcome to my new Blog. As some of you will know I have been arrowed in the Skinning community for quite some time now ( or ) I am known best for my Icons, but I do a bit more then that. For the last 3 years I have been working for the Walt Disney Corporation as a Computer Artist. But as of the 2nd of September I have bec...
July 15, 2003 by mormegil
If you are a skinner, or a desktop customize, you have most likely used, made, or admired, The legacy of the NeXTstep GUI. NeXT was (Debatably) the e first Beautiful GUI. Steve Jobs and his crew at next were artist to say the least. And on top of that They made a dam stable and powerful OS, that was well before its time.
NeXT Never caught on do to the same tragic flaw that has kept Apple in the 1 digit percentage for years. Over specialization, and a closed architecture, though they changed ...
September 4, 2002 by mormegil
If you already own Axialis IconWorkshop 5.0 the update is now available for free. GO Get it now, if you don’t an you have any interest in making Icons this is the program for you.

Axialis home page
February 28, 2002 by mormegil
New limited edition version of Maya is available for free download, with almost all of the functionality still in it. The only difference between this version and the 7,500 dollar version is a ever-present Watermark, a Maya logo in the corner, and the inability to exchange the saved files with the full version.

If you want to learn the Top of the line 3D animation program it’s a great opportunity.